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Crossroad Bikes
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San Antonio's new Friendly Neighborhood Bike Shop

Photo by Brian's Mom, no joke

Photo by Brian's Mom, no joke

The Story

This all started when Brian Mikiten was in the market to buy a bike in San Antonio, hoping to lose weight. All the shops he visited tried to sell him on aggressive race bikes that didn't fit his needs or frame. They were padding their bottom line at the cost of setting him up to fail.

It was this search that made him realize San Antonio needed a new kind of bike shop: one that cared about the customer, and would spend the time to ensure they had a bike they could ride comfortably and safely. A bike shop for life. Your life. 

With the racing pedigree he earned in his 20s and ten years of shop experience at Bike Barn in the 70s and early 80s, he revamped an existing bike shop that quickly rose to prominence in the SA market, setting itself apart from the competition with its friendly technicians, honest salespeople and community outreach programs.

This is the second iteration of that dream, staffed with the very same team that got thousands of Texans up and riding, whether it was their first mile, or their first Century ride. We're excited to bring this vision to its fullest potential to Huebner and NW Military in 2017.


The Team

Fernando Guajardo

Fernando Guajardo

Richard Miller

Richard Miller

Daniel Mikiten and Milton (Part-time Shop Cat)

Daniel Mikiten and Milton (Part-time Shop Cat)

Mike Beatty

Mike Beatty

The News

Follow along with us to stay up-to-date with sales, special offers, community programs, lessons, and weekend rides.

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The Goods

Crossroad Bikes is a hub for rides of every shape and size, whether you stick to highways, rocky trails, undiscovered paths, or even the couch.


Bikes and Gear

Let us show you how the right size bike, saddle and gear will make you successful and healthy. You won’t ride a bike that doesn’t fit you and we won’t sell you the wrong size bike. 

We select our vendors to be part of our team because they will support us as we support you. There won’t be any lame excuses about warranty issues or support. 

We are dealers for BMC and Norco road and mountain bikes and are thrilled to be the local representatives for both Ibis and Pivot. We are also proud to carry Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, Bell, Giro, Blackburn, Atomik, Serfas, Wahoo and other major brands with our complete support.

Repair and Service

Crossroad's mechanics are the best in the business. You know them – Fern, Richard, Zack and Billy have been riding with you and working on your bikes for years. Certified by the industry manufacturers to work on your equipment with all the confidence you need – you can trust them to do it right. 

With over 50 years of combined shop experience, the Crossroad team knows biking and all ride regularly both on and off road. They know what breaks, what works and how to fix your problems doing it right the first time. 

Watch for classes, on-line lessons or just come in and ask us your tech questions. We want you to ride and know how to handle your bike safely and with confidence. 

Community Programs

A bike shop is more than just a business. We have a responsibility to the community to educate, help, and get you riding. To that end, we are involved with and sponsor an array of programs including Bike MS 150, the Ride-a-Mile program, Helmet for Kids, Lunch and Learn educational seminars, trail maintenance and free ride support for group rides. 

We ask that you get your friends involved and ride for your health and the health of the community. One rider can influence others and bring the benefits of bicycling to others spreading the enjoyment through example. 

The Store

Monday – Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sundays: 11pm - 6pm


(210) 49-CROSS
(or 210-492-7677)


We're located at the North corner of the crossroad
of NW Military and Huebner

14510 NW Military Hwy
Suite 108
San Antonio, TX, 78231



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